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Eligible cell phones are protected against damage or theft, The coverage does not apply if the cell phone bill is paid from a Wells Fargo Debit Card. Find out how to file a broken phone claim with Verizon Wireless's phone insurance company, Asurion, for damaged or defective phones. You can claim a Verizon phone warranty online ( or call How long does it take to replace a Verizon phone?.

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Select your provider below and follow the instructions. AT&T Verizon Sprint T Mobile Geek Squad. How to Cancel Your AT&T Phone Insurance. Get insurance coverage for a device that is lost, stolen, damaged and get an extended warranty to cover defects. Find out about Asurion pricing and deductibles. MA) or one of its insurance company affiliates; in Florida, Wireless Phone Protection includes coverage for post-warranty malfunctions (device replacement.

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Whether your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, file your insurance claim online today and you could receive a replacement within 24 hours. Verizon offers four protection tiers. The top tier, called Total Mobile Protection (TMP), costs $11 per month for one phone or $33 per month for three devices. Do you often drop or lose phones? If yes, you should consider paying for phone insurance. You can get this from either Geek Squad or Verizon.