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21 Partner Offers · Revvi Visa Unsecured Credit Card · Revvi Visa Unsecured Credit Card · Reflex Mastercard · Reflex Mastercard · Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card. An unsecured credit card is like that unsecured loan. A credit card company takes you at your word that you will repay any money borrowed on the card. You'll. Having a bad Credit? Need a Credit Card that can also improve your Credit Score? Check out the best Credit Cards for Bad Credit (Secured - Unsecured)) in.

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High-fee unsecured credit card. If you're genuinely in dire need of a credit card, a quick fix is to look for an issuer that offers you the card without. If you have a low credit score that makes it difficult to qualify for an unsecured credit card or other loan, a secured credit card can help you rebuild. While the regular customers serve the needs of eligible credit card applicants, the unsecured cards are for those who often don't qualify for a regular or.

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That deposit is refundable when you pay the card off in full and close it or are upgraded to an unsecured card. Based on our research of cards available through. For people with bad credit who are set on getting an unsecured card, two of the best options are the Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Rebuilding Credit (cash. When you have bad credit, unsecured cards may carry high fees or come with high interest rates, and neither option is good for someone trying to rebuild.